Covering Letters

All that work you put into creating the perfect CV - and now you discover you need to write a covering letter too! In fact, for some employers, this is more important than the CV as it (should) give far more context to your skills and strengths. Her are a few things to think about when planning you cover letter:- 

- It should bring colour and personality to you and your past experiences

- It is an opportunity to talk in more detail about the activities you have undertaken and hte skills you have developed

- Use specific examples of major projects or achievements you have completed, reflect on what you have learnt

- Ensure that it is clear the letter is geared towards their job advertisement (don't use one generic letter for every application) 

- Always be positive on both your CV and covering letter; never say anything negative about a previous employer or colleagues

- Try to show your enthusiasm and passion through your past experiences and vision for the future

- Stay away from general, empty statements which are not backed up with evidence

Below is a basic outline of the things you could write about in your covering letter but there are no strict rules.

A Basic Outline 

Paragraph 1

Who are you?

What job you are applying for and where you saw it advertised?

Paragraph 2

Why are you applying for the job?

What do you know about the company?

Why do you want to work for them?

What skills do you have and what can you offer them in terms of attitudes and competencies?

Tell them about achievements and relevant experiences but don’t just repeat what is on your CV - provide more specific information and detail.

Paragraph 3

Although the main focus of the letter should be about what you can offer them, as a student or recent graduate it is acceptable to say something about what you want to gain from the role.

How does the job role fit with your careers ambitions - although keep this within the job role and company?

What will you gain from it?

What skills and experience do you hope to develop?

What do want to achieve from the position?


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