Charities and Voluntary Work 

Why should I volunteer? 

- Gain useful work experience

- Build your confidence

- Connect with your community

- Excellent experience to put on your CV

- Demonstrate your motivation to employers

- Meet new people, make new friends

- Improve your English if it's not your first language 

If you are planning to volunteer, try to ensure that it will be a useful development opportunity from which you can enhance your skills and experience in the right direction.  

- have been out of work for a while

- have never had a job

- would like to change career

- are international students who have some time left on their student visa

Charities should reimburse reasonable travel expenses and lunch. 

Team London

Team London match volunteers with charities. They work at providing people the opportunity to build employability skills through social action projects, supporting them on their route to work.

Take look at the film clip below to find out more about 'speed volunteering' with Team London. 

Volunteering Opportunities 

Large database of volunteering opportunities (recommended):

Team London:

Website to help find your nearest volunteer centre:

Countrywide volunteering opportunities for 14 – 25 year olds:

Where else to look...

To explore local charities see:

Check your borough council website or local volunteer bureau. 

For further information and link to voluntary opportunities see:

National / International Charities

There are thousands of charities in the UK. Finding opportunities with the larger more well-known ones can be competitive but will look great on your CV. 


The Red Cross

Amnesty International


Water Aid

Action Aid


World Wildlife Fund

National Trust

Save the Children

British Heart Foundation

Salvation Army

Cancer Research

Care International

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