Moving to London

Blog post by Md. Alamgir Hossain from Bangladesh:

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for giving chance to write about something which has played a real impact in my life through the University of Sunderland London Campus (USLC). Since the day I have started coming to the university, it’s making to think about what the education is all about. When I was child, I used to wish every time to study in a university in United Kingdom. I must give thanks to my beloved parents for making my dreams come true.  I have studied 12 years in back home Bangladesh which reminds me a lot of positive things that I will never forget. However, the education system is so unique compared to back home; in the classroom you will meet a lot of friends from different diversity. Whenever I did group study, I did learn the different views, skills, experience and idea from my friends. Therefore, USLC has given to chance to explore about different rich cultures, tradition, food and lifestyle which might not be possible.

As I have said studying in USLC was dream, similarly, working experience in the UK is so far amazing. Again, where I am working, are full diverse people I am to work with. It’s been a great learning experience working with in a team and obviously, under manager / team leader. I have learnt how to do team work with diverse; value of my presence in the team; sharing ideas and involving in decision making process, compliance system; work breakdown and customer relation how that is important to business and so many things. We have possibly studied importance of motivation in academic life, but you will feel the importance in workplace whether it could be extrinsic such as rewards or intrinsic such as appreciate of the job you have done. I have also learned how to work under the superior for example manager/team leader. The most important thing I have experienced is, everyone has equal opportunity which will make you feed you are not in sideline. In UK; it doesn’t matter what kind of job you do, you will always get respect of people that reminds we are human and we are friends.

The country we born we call that motherland. Truly when we grow up, country treats us like a mother. The country I was born, Bangladesh, is full of rich culture, tradition and food. Similarly, UK is the same; it has one of the oldest culture and civilization. The people are in Britain are polite, loving, kind and well behaved. In contrast, Bangladesh has 6 seasons, but there are only 4 in Britain. However, I didn’t try that much of British food, as I know (might be wrong) they mostly eat chicken and chips, turkey chicken is one of the most favourite and obviously vegetables also has the priority in the menu. On the other hand, we all know in London Olympic 2012, our Brick Lane (famous for Bangladeshi restaurant) was announced curry capital in London. Bangladesh has own year calendar like Britain has; typically, the celebrations are quite different.

In addition, academic experience is so far fantastic and that’s playing an important role in my life. We all know there is a proverb: ‘’education is the backbone of a nation.’’ I want to finish my desired degree from this country and want to apply in my personal life. Again respect to Britain and the people of Great Britain.


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