UK Graduate Jobs and Internship Websites

General Job Search Websites

Other useful sites: 

NHS Jobs:

Financial Times:

Guardian Newspaper:

Academic Institutions:

Teaching & Education:

Telegraph Newspaper: 


Also look at your local council website for a wide range of jobs roles including education and social care.

Where else to look for jobs....

Many jobs are not advertised, here are a few tips to expand your search: 

- Try attending networking events and careers fairs 

- Take a look at Eventbrite and MeetUp for events 

- Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work, use your community 

- If you already have a part-time job, look for development opportunities within the company 

- Use LinkedIn and other social media to create a positive digital footprint 

- Say 'yes' - you never know where opportunities may take you, where doors may open.

- Be proactive and think broadly about where you may find fulfilling opportunities