University of Sunderland in London Internships 

Our Internships

We offer a range of internships at various points in the year. In the past these have been in: 

- Student administration

- Marketing

- Recruitment

- IT

- Events Management

- Human Resources

- Gateway / Customer service 

- library

Our internships are an opportunity to understand how the university operates, to work on a specific project in your business area whilst undertaking the everyday tasks of your department. Our internships are:

- 3 months full or part time

- Paid £18,000 per annum (pro rata for part time)

- Open to all students

To apply: 

We advertise our internship via university email and social media - keep an eye on them for future opportunities. 

 Advice for applicants   

Our internships are very popular and we receive a large amount of applications. To be successful, you need to submit a strong, focused application which demonstrates your enthusiasm, skills, attitude and experience.  

- answers all the questions fully 

- give detailed answers where asked; use the full word limit 

- be specific in your answers and use the STAR formula to answer questions (see below)

- through your responses; showcase your skills, attitude and experience

The STAR formula can be helpful when structuring answers on applications forms and in job interviews. 


Situation: briefly describe where you were, what the situation was and who was involved. 

Task: briefly describe needed to be done.

Action: How did you go about achieving the task, what did you do, what problems did you encounter, how did you overcome them, what skills did you use, what went well, what challenges did you face?

Result: What was the overall outcome, was it successful and why, would you have done anything differently, what did you learn from the situation?